The Cool Kids!

image.jpgWeird Vegan Lady is here for all the Mums, Dads and Grandparents out there, who want to trick their kids into eating healthy, Vegan food!

2 out of 3 of my children were raised as Omnivores. That’s 2 fussy boys of 4 and 6 I had the challenge to try and convince to try new things!

It was a daunting task my friends! At times I wanted to just feed them Vegan chocolate for dinner just to get them to… Stop. Bloody. Wingeing!

Over time, things got easier. I figured out the things they liked, and the things they hated, with them. I talked to them, asked them to tell me the specific ingredients they didn’t like… We worked together, and they ended up finding it fun!

I now live with 2 Masterchef judges, who pick apart everything I give them, and give me marks out of 10! Thankfully, almost all of my marks are high now!

If you have children you want to try and convert to a much healthier, cruelty free way of eating, then click on Recipes for cool kids option in the menu at the top, and find delicious recipes your weird little hoomans will love!




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