Thai Green Filo

Stop doing normal things with pastry! Everyone loves a pie, pasty or plait… but lets throw away out inhibitions and do something no one expects! Lets put some Thai gear in it instead!

Filo Pastry
2 handfuls of TVP Soya Chunks
1/4ltr Veg Stock
4TBSP Soy Sauce
2TBSP Thai Green Curry Paste
1 400ml can Coconut Milk
1 Red Pepper
1 Carrot

As I always say when cooking with pastry, you need to give your filling time to cool before putting it on your pastry or it will make it much harder to work with! We need to pander to our precious Soya Chunks first. They just need tipping in a bowl with your just made Stock and the Soy Sauce. Cover it with some cling film or a saucepan lid and let it soak up the deliciousness!

Pre-heat your oven to 200c in preparation for awesomeness.

While the Chunks are happily drinking the liquid, prepare your Carrots and Pepper. Slice them nice and fine like this:

And let them sit there and watch the rest of your culinary masterclass! You are, after all, awesome at this. Next, spoon your Curry Paste into a wok with a little oil, over a medium heat, and fry off for a couple of minutes. Make sure you keep it on the move to stop it turning into a Thai Black Filo. 

Next, turn down the heat and add the Coconut Milk. Mix it around until it has made friends with the paste. Go back to your Soya Chunks and drain them through a colander or sieve. Chuck those bad boys in your sauce and mix it up baby.

Now you will need to turn the heat back up to medium so it can simmer away nicely, your Chunks will take on all that flavour and the sauce will reduce, but you’ll need to spoon spin while this is going on, to stop it getting an icky skin on top. So stop fiddling around with your thumbs on facbook and give it your full attention.

Once the sauce has reduced by half, chuck in your pretty Veg, stir it up and turn off the heat.

Put it in a bowl and put it in the freezer to cool it down, or be organised and make it before hand! Lay out 2-3 sheets of Filo, one on top of the other and spoon half of the mixture on top, in the middle.

Then simply fold over the two shorter edges, and roll it up, like wrapping a present. You can do a different fancy design if you want to. Show off. Repeat with the rest of the mixture. Brush them with some flavorless oil, like Vegetable oil or Groundnut oil, slide the onto a baking tray and into the hot oven they go! Mind your fingers!

After 20 minutes they should be nice and brown and crispy, so serve up and do yummy noises when eating. That’s mandatory.