WVL Weekly

I get so many people asking me what I eat for breakfast and lunch, and what about snacks?

I am known for my ‘dinner’ recipes, and these meals are what I feel most comfortable creating, and most passionate about. However, one of my other big passions is helping people, giving advice and making people happy! So in addition to everything else you will find on this website, I have decided to start a weekly blog, showing every little scrap I eat, day in day out. I am hoping this will help inspire those who are struggling with meal ideas, from morning to evening, and to help create awareness of not just how healthy eating plantbased can be, but how varied, interesting and delicious it is!

So let’s start from the best place possible – The beginning.

  • Monday 16th January 2017

Breakfast – 9am

I started off the morning with some wholegrain deliciousness! An easy and tasty porridge that took me back to my childhood. Days of climbing over soft play and squeezing through tunnels, packets of crisps and marmite sandwiches on a picnic rug and the sheer joy of jumping in puddles, only to totally regret my poor decision making immediately afterwards!

4 TBSP of Rolled Oats – 1 TBSP of Ground Flax – 250ml Wholebean Soya Milk – 1 tsp Cocoa Powder – finished with a swirl of Agave Nectar. 1 minute in the microwave then a stir and finished with another minute. Quick and easy and so nutritious! With a glass of Orange Juice. Perfect!

Snack – 11:30am

Pure and simple, a Banana and a pint of water. I had spent the morning feeling full and satisfied, but felt the slight onset of hunger pangs, and knew I needed to curb it before lunch, without reaching for bread or crisps! So an easy and healthy snack was just what I needed!

Lunch – 12:30pm

Got to get in some Hummus somewhere! I went for some Wholemeal Toast, Hummus and Asparagus with Red Pepper and Garlic. I used a wok to stirfry the Veg and Garlic, without Oil, by deglazing the pan with a few TBSP’s of water a few times to help the Veg cook and to stop it sticking. Waiting until it had dried up before deglazing again. I also chucked in some Chilli Powder and Black Pepper. Will definitely be making this again! It was so quick and so good!

Snack – 3pm

I had an Apple with my Coffee. Not much more I can say about that! Apples are nice. Coffee is nicer.

Dinner – 7:30pm

I ended up having a real random selection of stuff for dinner, because a: I couldn’t decide and b: I have made it my mission to include as many different nutrients from as many different yums as possible! This really hit the spot! And it just goes to show, you can create something super delicious by mindlessly chucking stuff together, you really don’t have to be a good cook. You just need the confidence to experiment!

Butterbeans and Sweetcorn, warmed in boiling water. Roasted Sweet Potato in 1tsp of Coconut Oil with Red Pepper, Kalettes and Sugarsnap Peas thrown in towards the end. A drizzle of homemade Chilli Peanut Dressing! (Recipe coming soon) You have no idea how good this is! The best thing about it is… I have leftovers! Result!

Pre-bed Tea – 8:30pm

Before bed, I always try and have a decaffeinated Green Tea, tonight though, I still have some Anxietea left over, so I treated myself to one of those to get relaxed and chilled ready for bed. It’s really helpful to have a bedtime ritual like this, making sure it happens in the same order at the same time every night, especially if you struggle getting to sleep at night. Your brain will become used to the routine, and anticipate what is coming next. When I get to bed, between 10:30 and 11:00, I usually sit up with some quiet tv or a book, moisturise my hands and feet, and then get snuggled down. Night night! See you in the morning…


  • Tuesday 17th January 2017

Breakfast – 9am

My mornings always start with water. It’s the best thing to do as soon as you open your eyes, as during sleep your body gets dehydrated. Always have a bottle of water next to your bed for the morning, it makes you feel fantastic!

Water is always followed by coffee for me! There is no way I can tackle 3 kids, a dog and the infamous school rush without it. I am 100% sure I would be in prison for murder by now if it wasn’t for dear old coffee!

So… onto food! My absolute favourite kinds of flavours come from Mexico. Fajitas, chilli, patatas bravas etc. I am often wondering how I can turn other dishes into Mexican inspired wonders! So I came up with something really tasty this morning! Spicy Pea Hummus and Baked Nachos. (Recipe coming soon) So tasty! 

Snack – 11:30am

I had an apple and some water. Fun fact, red apples have more antioxidants than green… the richer the colour, the larger the antioxidant content! 

Lunch – 1pm

I have been hankering for a good noodle bowl for ages, and for some reason I always keep forgetting. I love this kind of food! As always with Weird Vegan Lady, it’s super quick and easy to make, and relatively cheap too! Here is the recipe: https://weirdveganlady.com/2017/01/17/miso-noodle-bowl/ πŸƒ

Snack – 3pm

I had some leftover tofu from my lovely noodle lunch, so I ended up munching on these, and I was so full up, I couldn’t even manage a coffee! Fancy that!

Dinner – 8pm

Ok, ok… I realise this is a bit late to have dinner, but I had such a hectic day with the kids, and ate my body weight in tofu all afternoon, I just didn’t feel like eating a big meal till later. But boy, when I did, it packed a punch! I ended up pulling together some delicious and seriously healthy veggies, to make a Supergreen Curry! (Recipe coming soon) Fooof!! It was schpicy! But oh so yum! At least it got me drinking more water! 

Pre-bed tea – 9pm

My usual timings went out the window tonight, so the hubby and I sat down to watch some tv with a nice hot drink, decaf green tea was just what I needed after my whopping curry and hectic day. Sweet dreams…


  • Wednesday 18th January 2017

Breakfast – 10:30am

Good grief! What a morning! Thankfully, when I woke at 6:30am, I had managed 2 coffees before disaster struck, so I didn’t feel completely famished! You’re probably wondering why on earth I had breakfast so late? Well, my husband is an on call firefighter, but this morning he wanted to do the school run regardless. I got the kids fed and ready for school, and woke him with a coffee at 8:30am, he got up and dressed and came down to defrost the car. It was -4 this morning! At 9:50am, 10 minutes before the school gates open, I found myself running outside in my pajamas and slippers shouting ‘Nik! Nik! Your alerters going off!!’ So off he shot on his bike, leaving my toddler and I, still in our pj’s, 4 minutes to get dressed, coats and shoes, finish defrosting the car, and whizz round to school in time! Not only that, but today is the day I look after my lovely Nan, so I went straight off to get her (40 minute round trip) and pop to lidls on the way back. Foof! What a rush! 

Anyway, I rustled up a decent breakie on my return and it’s safe to say, I devoured it! Wholemeal toast and beans with kalettes and chesnut mushrooms cooked with chilli flakes and garlic. Gorgeous!

Lunch – 1pm

After eating breakfast so late, I had no need for a snack. I ended up making my Nan and I a lovely 3 bean chilli wrap for lunch! The bean chilli was taken from this recipe: 

https://weirdveganlady.com/2017/01/09/3-bean-chilli/ πŸƒ 

I changed the beans around as i didn’t have the right ones in and added some extra raw red pepper and spinach, delicious and satisfying! Plus, beans are one of the most nutritious things you can eat! They curb hunger pangs and we should all be getting at least 3 servings a day!

Dinner – 7pm

After a day of running around, bit of blogging, photography, housework, cooking 3 times and preparing sarnies and kids breakfast etc, ending with my toddler falling down the stairs (I know right?! My son forgot to shut the gate… She’s fine thank god!) I just needed something quick and easy, one of those evenings when you can’t be bothered to use your brain anymore. I had some lovely cheesy sauce left over from the kids pasta, so I threw some Linda McCartney sausages in the oven, roasted some new potatoes, steamed some cabbage and knocked up a cauliflower cheese! (Recipe coming soon) Good lord I was stuffed! I am trying my best to eat Wholefood Plantbased, (WFPB) but on the odd occasion I let myself go and have a little naughty binge! Totally worth it!

Evening tea – 8pm

So I finished my evening with a lovely and healthy green tea… jokes, wine. I had wine. Only one glass though, Running Duck is my favourite! Marked Vegan and tastes exactly like wine… because funnily enough, that’s exactly what it is. Nighty night!


  • Thursday 19th January 2017

Breakfast – 8:30am

Who doesn’t love a bit of toast in the morning? Quick and simple and a great start to the day. Peanut butter and banana is always a winning combo!

Lunch – 12:30pm

I was clearing and organising my freezer this morning, I have lots of freezer bags with leftovers, like fajita quinoa mix, cottage pie filling and malaysian cauli curry, so i labeled them all properly and arranged them nicely on the shelf. I love doing organisey things like that, and i got stuck right in! I came across a ciabatta during my tidy time, and started dreaming of things i could top it with. So into the oven it went, along with some cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and kale. I have recently discovered that cooking without oil, contrary to what I had imagined, actually hardly makes any difference to the result, and is much healthier! So they all went in naked. I topped it with hummus, spinach, raw red pepper and my cooked veg, with a little grind of black pepper, it was perfect! Nom.

Dinner – 7pm

I found another gem earlier that had been buried in the depths of the cold cupboard! Basil Taifun Tofu! I had left it in my freezer since I first went Vegan, I was way too apprehensive to use it it the early days, it looked weird. And green. Weird and green is never a good combo. Now that I am in the groove with Vegan food, I felt totally different about it, I looked at it now and felt excited! So I whipped up some pesto spaghetti, threw in some peas, and some cold basil tofu. I only chopped up half the block to put into my dish… the rest mysteriously disappeared while my pasta was cooking! Delicious!!


  • Friday 20th January 2017

Breakfast – 9am

Busy busy busy!! Off to my Mother in law’s wedding this weekend! Got to tidy the house, get bags for 5 people packed, go off and get a last minute wedding outfit for my daughter… so I just needed something I could bung in the oven and get on with stuff in between. Sausage sandwich coming up! With Vegenaise and bbq sauce… delicious!

Lunch – 12:30pm + Dinner – 7pm

I knocked up something really easy during my busy day, and had leftovers to take on the road, bonus! Spiced potato wedges baked with no oil, some steamed broccoli, beans and sweetcorn with ground flax. Perfect!


  • Saturday 21st January 2017

Breakfast – 9am

Now I could blame my lack of food photos here on the amount of celebratory alcohol consumed on the wedding day… but actually, I just left my camera in my room when I went down for breakfast… rookie mistake! Plus, I obviously hadn’t had any wine by 9am! But, you all know what beans and marmite on toast look like, so I hope you will forgive me for that one!

Lunch – 3pm

By this point, a fair amount of alcohol was making up most of my body weight, but I still managed to get a picture of the main course at least! The starter was a beautiful array of roasted vine tomatoes, peppers and rocket with a balsamic glaze! The main was a gorgeous butternut squash crumble with potatoes and veg. Delicious! There was a dessert, but I gave it to someone else as had dairy in it, I was stuffed, so it was all good!

Dinner – 9pm

After a huge amount of wine and dancing, I was thrilled to find the evening food was freshly cooked crispy chips! Amazing! What more could you want at a party?! It was far too dark to take a picture, and in any case, I’m pretty sure it would have been a little blurry!


  • Sunday 22nd January 2017

Breaksfast – 9am

Ok, this is the last time I didn’t manage a picture! This time I blame my awful hangover and severe lack of sleep! Besides, I could only manage a slice of marmite on toast and a coffee. #regrets

Lunch – 12pm

Back on the road home, I was getting to the point where I could actually hear my stomach shouting for food. To my delight, we found a great little place that was serving a lovely Red Thai Vegetable Curry and rice, it was amazing and just what I needed! Had a great kick to it too! 

Dinner – 6pm

Finally back home and everyone is feeling a bit tired, vulnerable and in need of comfort food. Sunday with a hangover wouldn’t be complete without a hearty and warming roast dinner! My weapon of choice was Linda McCartney sausages with steamed cabbage and carrots, agave nectar glazed parsnips, roast baby potatoes, sage and onion stuffing and gravy! Bliss!

I hope you enjoyed having a sneak peek into Weird Vegan Lady’s world of food!

Stay tuned for next weeks edition of WVL Weekly 🀘