WVL Review 

On a bitterly cold day in February, my sister and I decide to go and get some lunch together. She lives across the other side of the country and I don’t get to see her and my 5 month old nephew very often… so going for lunch with her was a super idea! When she suggested Zizzis… I got a little excited! Their Vegan menu has been out for months and, being the stay at home mum/hermit that I am, I haven’t had the chance to go and try it yet! So off we went, buggies in tow, hot footing it down the damp and dreary street, desperate to get into the warm. To our delight… we were sat on a table right next to a toasty radiator! Score!

The lovely waitress kindly brought over a high chair for my 15 month old, and we sat down with a pot of colouring pencils and Piper starting ‘drawing’ – scribbling to you and I. There was even a little hat to colour in, and some Zizzis stickers! So I grabbed the opportunity to spread some Vegan love!

She had it on long enough for me to snap a blurry picture! ‘Piper says go Vegan!’ She was totally against wearing it and we left it on the windowsill for someone to find!

Looking at the Vegan menu, I was pleased to see a great variety of choice. Of course, the options for mains were simply pizza and pasta, but it was pretty much a ‘create your own’ deal – that’s good enough for me!

I opted for the big one, as Piper would be sharing with me, and decided on fire-roasted peppers, mushrooms and spinach! I couldn’t wait! Those peppers sounded devine! After a good work out picking up crayons from the floor over and over again, and walking round the restaurant with my daughter pointing at everyone and saying ‘dabt’ (my daughter, not me) I had worked up a good appetite, and my lunch was ready! Piper spotted it too and was finally eager to get back into her highchair and check this bad boy out!

Firstly, the colours were beautiful! It was easy to see how fresh the ingredients were. Then I spotted the ‘cheese’ which looked so similar to mozzarella… I had to double check by poking a finger, it was a little ‘saucy’ – which made me all the more intrigued. That pizza base was crisp on the outside, but you could tell it was doughy on the inside! Yum!

I sliced some off for my daughter, and then took a piece with a good serving of cheese on it and tasted.

Ooh… not bad! Not bad at all! I have to admit, i was expecting to be disappointed, I hate ALL Vegan cheese, I have tried many! But this wasn’t really like any of the others… it was saucy. Very mild, and creamy. And went perfectly with all the other flavours! I make my own cashew cheese sauce at home, which I love, but it wasn’t like that either. It was more like the white sauce you get in a lasagne! I wolfed down the whole thing, with the help of my daughter, and those peppers I was looking forward to, were amazing! Definitely found a new way to cook mine at home!

So, after our delicious main course, my sister and I decided to order dessert. She went for a couple of scoops of coconut and chocolate ripple ice cream with some caramelised pecans, and I had the dessert calzone. Good grief, it was delicious! Huge… but delicious! It had some of the ice cream on top too! Gooey bananas with little pops of blueberry inside, and some sweet and crunchy caramelised pecans too! So good!

In conclusion… Zizzis totally did it for me! I would happily go there again, totally recommend to my friends, family and even random people I bump into at weddings. Why not?

Have you tried the Zizzis Vegan menu?