Tikka Masala Soup

Ever since I tried the new ‘greens and grains’ soup at Pret, I have been playing around with soups in my kitchen, and it’s been fun! I came up with this one on a souper cold and stormy day (see what I did there?) and it was bloody lovely!

I realised that the best way to create soup, is to just throw bits and bobs in and experiment… so this recipe is unlike my others, I wanted to show you how easy it is and give you some inspiration! So there’s no set ingredients list, and hardly any measurements! But there are full instructions on how to make this particular recipe… just go with your instincts and have some fun! Here is what I did…

First off, I made up my Tikka Masala Paste đź’š https://weirdveganlady.com/2017/01/08/tikka-masala-paste/  đź’š and tossed it into a large nonstick pan, no need for oil, with 75g Black Beans (I batch cook mine and freeze them in portions) and roughly half a Red Pepper, chopped.

I let it sizzle for a couple of minutes and then added a tin of Chopped Tomatoes and about 500ml of hot water. I then stirred in 2 handfuls of Frozen Peas and 1 handful of dried Red Lentils. Once the mixture had bubbled and the Lentils were softened, I added 1 handful of Quinoa and waited until it had unraveled. 

While this is cooking, you can tell if it needs more liquid, it might get a little too chunky. Your choice though! If you like a chunkier soup, let it reduce, if you like more of a saucy soup, bump it out with some more water! You will still have tonnes of flavour as it has reduced anyway. At the very end, I took it off the heat, and added half a carton of Oatly Cream to give it that creamy Masala feel! It’s heavenly served with a warm crusty roll! I had left overs the next day too!
Enjoy experimenting!

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