Change is good


Everyone knows me as Weird Vegan Lady. Creator of plant based recipes and that one YouTube video I did that one time… Yeah, I’ve had an unscheduled, rather long break and left everyone hanging. Sorry about that!

I was having a lot of trouble managing my time… I had:

A vegan food blog.
Weird Vegan Lady, Weird Vegan Kids, Weird Vegan Activist and The Wrong Mum Facebook pages.
Instagram accounts for all of those.
YouTube accounts for WVL and WVK.
A website.
A vegan Facebook group with over 10k members and 12 admins.
3 kids to home school.
A big dog.
My Nan to look after once a week.
A house to run.
A husband with a full time job AND a part time job as an on call firefighter.

Phewf! I had a lot on! I needed to find a way to manage it all!

The truth is… I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching. I didn’t plan on it, it just kinda happened! It found it’s way to me, when I needed it most.
Little did I know, it all started when I discovered veganism. It was the very first step on the journey to ‘finding myself’. Finding peace, joy, contentment and being ok, delighted even, with being me.

Since then, with my eyes open to all the truths of the world, I saw many other things I didn’t like. Injustices that we all plod along acknowledging now and then, only to be distracted by life and move on, leaving the hope of another compassionate voice of positive change behind.

change is good 1

My family was unhappy. Not unhappy in a noticeable way, unhappy in the normal way that every family is. But it wasn’t good enough for me. I wanted them to actually BE as happy as they could be. My children were frustrated with the normal family rules we had, and it made me unhappy to constantly ‘correct’ them and hear their unhappy wails and whines. All day. Everyday.
All these parenting tips, reward charts, punishments and manipulations I had read up on clearly weren’t working… nothing ever changed.
This is when I found respectful PARENTING. I found articles and blogs and child psychology papers and my mind was opened once again!
It, of course, made absolute sense.
I wholeheartedly believe in the values of respectful parenting from the roots to the leaves. And, while I still get it wrong a lot of the time, I am determined to get up and try again, day after day, until it becomes my default.
They deserve it. I deserve it.

change is good 2

In a seamless transition, stemming from my new outlook on what children deserve/need, I became angry with the school system. It went completely against the philosophy that children are real people, vulnerable people, who deserve freedom, respect and have rights like everyone else should. How could I be a child advocate and still send them off to a place that removes their rights, forces them to be what they expect them to be and punishes them for being themselves, 6 hours a day, 5 days a week? I began to notice many things I didn’t like. Things that, previously, I would have brushed off as ‘what needs to be done’ to ensure my child ‘does well’.
I couldn’t change the way the entire school treated and ‘taught’ my children, so I took them out of school entirely. We now home school, using a method called UNSCHOOLING. Again, this is something I am insanely passionate about and very proud of!

change is good 3

So… by now I had 3, very happy, kids with me, all day, everyday. Though, as happy as I was about the decision, it was tough! When they were at school I was struggling to keep up with the housework, walk the dog, look after my toddler and get enough time to make recipe videos and blog etc… when in the holy heck of hummus am I going to do it all now!? And me time!? Pffft what’s me time??
This is when I stumbled across MINIMALISM! It also tied in very nicely with me wanting to live a more ethical, environmental, zero-waste lifestyle.
Over a couple of weeks, I transformed our house and removed so much frustration, stress and energy-and-time suckers. This lifestyle gives me SO much more than just ‘less to clean’. It has given me my life back. It has changed the way I do pretty much everything! I pooled all of my online en-devours into one. I now have one YouTube channel. One instagram account. One Website. My Facebook group came to a natural end at the perfect time and I now have a much more organised life with less confusion and distraction. So it also extends to my mind. My mind has been de-cluttered. De-stressed. It’s wonderful! It makes everything work beautifully and I realise what is important now. So I live life with purpose, and can do all of the things I want to do!

change is good 4

Throughout all of this, what has stayed with me is my desire to help people. To change the world in a positive way. To leave as much kindness and hope as I possibly can, and to be remembered for that over anything else.
So what you will find here is everything I have in my power, with my old laptop and my sore back from typing at the kitchen side to keep the computer away from little fingers, to help encourage people and change minds for the better. I am not just using my efforts to change the world with food anymore. Weird Vegan Lady is so much more than that now.
I am so much more than that.
Sure, the food is and always will be my core, and you will certainly have more recipes! Now though, you will have all my other bits too.
You don’t have to be vegan. You don’t have to home educate. You don’t have to be minimalist or even a parent at all to be here.
If there is only one thing here that you love, then i’m happy!
I will do my very best to provide you with something that can help you, or someone you know.
The more people I inspire with kindness, the better!

So, hey! I’m back! With bells on!

Let’s make the world a happier place…


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  1. Anna Gastaldi says:

    So glad ur back Amy xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. weirdveganlady says:

      Thank you Anna! It feels good x


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