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Hi! Welcome to my world!
My name is Amy and I am a British human woman in my 30’s.
I have 3 children and I love to cook!
I also have a husband, a big dog and 8 pairs of socks, among other things.

If you want to get into labels, I am a vegan, unschooling, respectful parenting, positive thinking, minimalist, introvert who believes that kindness is everything. Is that descriptive enough?

I do exclusive recipes for Instagram followers that you won’t find anywhere else! So click that follow button!

I was drawn to start this website purely for plant based recipes and changing people’s minds about vegan food, but since then, my life has changed dramatically, and I have a wider message to get out there!
I believe in all the big aspects of my life wholeheartedly, and I am driven by the hopes of helping others and creating a better world.

My YouTube channel is the newest of my ventures and could do with some friends! Please head over and subscribe for best friend status!

So if you are here for just one of my quirks, be it minimalism, happiness coaching, vegan food or otherwise… hello! I hope you find something to help, or at least entertain you while you’re on the loo. Don’t forget to wash your hands…

Have a snoop around, tell me my food looks awful or that i’m a terrible parent if you like, it’s all good… i’ll still carry on anyway with my pink hair and stupid face.

Happy reading!

Weird Vegan Lady.

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