End of the week reads

One of my favorite happiness/spiritual coaches is Prince Ea. I have him as ‘showing first’ on my Facebook feed so that I get a daily dose of inspiration and I highly recommend you do the same!
Ok, so this isn’t actually a ‘read’ technically, though he does have subtitles at the bottom so I think I can get away with that ๐Ÿ˜‰

These tips for a happier life are always helpful to be reminded of. Happiness is not something that naturally comes to us, it’s something that needs to be practiced. The more often we are reminded of these skills, the quicker they become our default mode!

Gretchen Rubin

A new year is the perfect inspiration to have a new start. We all have things we look back on, wishing they had been different… but regrets can be the tools we need to make positive changes! So look through these 8 simple rules for a happier 2018 and see what you can take away!

Positive Provocations

Something I do really need to work on myself, is letting go of previous heartaches. I have been a sufferer of terrible insomnia and the entire night, trapped in my own head, I would spend hours and hours worrying or seething about things that have been and gone, that I have absolutely no control over now. This is a great post about letting go of pain.


Another wonderful post about the freedom of letting go by Positively Present. It wraps up (see what I did there?) minimalism and happiness nicely into one lovely post! I hope you take something useful away with you… See you next week for more end of the week reads!

Positively Present
positively present

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