Weird Vegan Diary

Day one of offloading my brain jizz to the universe!
Starting my first entry with a bang, ha!
If you didn’t like that, you probably aren’t going to enjoy what my brain comes out with so it may be best for everyone if we part ways here *winky face*

30th April 2018
Mood – Moderate + ‘meh’
Events – Got out of jail
Focus – Intersectional veganism

Just got out of Facebook jail for posting about women not being automatically smelly when they have armpit hair.
‘Hate speech’ it was called.
People have been put in FB jail for much cooler things but I guess we all start somewhere.
I have never seen any average Jane being thrown in the slammer for genuine hate speech, that never seems to go against ‘community standards’… but oh my I should have known better than to point out any double standards or sexism.
‘Oh my god Amy, you can’t just point out someone else’s hate speech’

Anyway, I’m out.
I guess I should get on with making more trouble…

Picture description: Link to an instagram post containing screenshots of the post Weird Vegan Lady was banned from Facebook for. The post was a screenshot of a twitter conversation that said “If you’re a girl, shave your damn pits. IDGAF if ur a feminist, it’s called hygiene.” And someone had replied “Is it not hygiene for guys?” The post was shared with the caption “So all men are disgusting and have poor hygiene. Shave your damn pits men! I don’t care if you’re a meninist, it’s poor hygiene. Evolution was perfect… aside from body hair, for some unknown random reason. Get rid! Heathens!”

So this is new, huh?
It feels strange typing to the world in chatty format.
Recently I have become more aware of the ways in which I have been fueling my own demise, from a feminist point of view.
I have set up Weird Vegan Lady as a polite and professional source of internet consumption and it should be, for the most part and when it matters.
I’m also a person though.
I swear, I get things wrong, I deal with crap on the daily and I get down in the dumps.
I am no oracle of the passions I share.
I am another person doing the best they can to navigate life and better myself in as many ways as my brain and energy allow.
I should not have to hide the fact that I am a flawed human being and I certainly shouldn’t have to apologise for it (unless, of course, I genuinely upset someone).
I shouldn’t have to be polite to someone who is being bigoted or has shitty opinions on real issues that affect vulnerable people.
I shouldn’t have to avoid swearing.
I shouldn’t have to hide my emotions to make sure someone else feels better.
I have the right to decide how to express myself and what I feel is important to talk about.

So that is what I am doing!
Professionalism and politeness go out of the window in this space.
It will remain an intersectional safe space, though there may be a few ‘I’m a feminist but…’s (hat tilt to The Guilty Feminist podcast).

Intersectional veganism has taken up a LOT of my energy recently.
It is something I am ramming down people’s throats on my personal Facebook because it is hella frustrating that people don’t get how fucking important this is.
I binge read half of ‘Veganism in an oppressive world‘ in bed last night.
I wouldn’t be surprised if my children felt awkwardly uncomfortable laying in the dark next door, smooshing their pillow round their ears, eyes glaring open towards the ceiling whilst hearing their mum periodically whisper-shout ‘Yes! Fuck yes! That is it! Oh yes! That is soooo goooood.’
Sorry boys.

Picture description: A black and white picture of a half a woman’s face, she has a shaved head and headphones in. She is almost smiling. She is holding up a book next to her face entitled “Veganism in an oppressive world”.

The thing that really grinds my gears, is that so many people instantly dismiss intersectional veganism as ‘putting the focus on humans and not animals’.
Reading the replies these people write on intersectional posts makes it patently obvious they have absolutely no idea why being intersectional is SO important when it comes to animal liberation.
Do non-intersectionals genuinely believe that ignoring the suffering of oppressed groups of people and openly supporting vegans who actively take part in the oppression of people, is going to encourage these very people to join them in the vegan movement, or take any of their arguments for veganism seriously?
If non-intersectional vegans actually wanted everyone to go vegan, they should be making veganism more accessible to everyone… not making veganism, yet another, unsafe space for them.
‘Another group of people who will not accept me into their group and still vilify me for not being a part of the group.’
It makes me want to tear my hair out.

I’m going to get off that subject, there will be plenty more nuggets about Intersectional veganism along the way but right now, my stomach is turning to knots again and it’s time for me to think about what the hell I’m going to make for dinner!



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