Weird Vegan Diary

Oh the highs and lows of activism, parenting and life.
So many goals to achieve, so many obsticles.

I have decided to start a new category on this website, a diary I guess.
SO many times the worm in my ear has told me that this is the thing you need to write a blog post about and I start enthusiastically tapping away on my keyboard… then, low and behold, something happens and my attention is snatched away again.
I have shit loads of unfinished posts collecting dust in my archives.
Important issues.
Ideas that once could have changed the whole entire world left with their hope fading and faces greying with age.
I sometimes look back on them to deal with my unfinished business, read through and feel like I don’t know what to say next because, as time has passed, I have found new ideas about that subject and the post seems pointless now.
So it gets scrapped with the rest.
And that’s fine.
People learn, change and grow and ideas evolve.
That’s a positive thing!
What isn’t so positive is that I produce bugger all.
That makes me feel a bit shit.

I had a genius thought this morning (ear worm returns) and decided that this would be the perfect way to deal with this ‘problem’.
I have a million thoughts a day, sometimes awesome, sometimes kinda crappy…
But if I had a more instant way of sharing them, and avoided committing to specific blog posts, tackling specific issues that require time and a world void of ear worms interrupting my flow, then I could produce more and get shit off my chest!
Anyone who actually follows my stuff will also have actual stuff to actually follow… and that would mean that there is an actual point to all this actual stuff.
Which, actually, would mean there is an actual point to Weird Vegan Lady.
Therapy for me.
Peep hole for you.
Win – win.

This isn’t to say that I won’t be doing specific blog posts tackling specific issues anymore, it will mean that I will be producing more in between those posts – elaborating on them, showing the lead up to them and delving into my world of online vegan activism, feminism, parenting, mental health, weird and wonderful thoughts, dark and hopeless thoughts, the highs and lows of social media and being an introverted INFP with a few issues in a world of people who are completely the opposite.

So basically, this is a thing now… for as long as my attention span lasts!

Welcome to Weird Vegan Diary.
Be prepared for swearing, sarcasm and brutal honesty.



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